There is a growing demand for timely, affordable and safe surgical care across the world. With approximately 20,000 students enrolled in medical schools across Australia and New Zealand in 2020, there is a huge cohort of future medical professionals that could make a difference to the field of global surgery. But to have the opportunity to do so they need to be adequately educated in the topic. Studies from other parts of the world, particularly the US, have found that interest in global surgery is high, but the access to global surgery education is poor.

Similar studies have not been conducted in Australasia, so this year our research aims to get to the bottom of global surgery education in Australian and New Zealand medical schools. Through an online-administered survey, the perceptions and knowledge of global surgery among medical students across Australia and New Zealand will be studied.

Through the collection of this dataset, the production of an executive summary and associated publications, we intend to inform the Deans and academics of medical schools in Australia and New Zealand of the current state of global surgery education from the student perspective. By influencing the global surgery curriculum in medical schools, we hope to improve the educational experience for current and future medical students while preparing them to serve patients in need of timely, affordable and safe surgical care in our own backyard and globally.